Errigal Brewing Co. Errigal Brewing Co. Errigal Brewing Co.

Welcome to Errigal Brewing based in the heart of Donegal

Under the shadow of the majestic Mount Errigal Co is our gem of a family-run business. Errigal Brewing is helping create memories, shared over a beautifully produced beverage of your choice. From humble beginnings, a simple concept sparked during COVID - We wanted to build to the future with something promising, something special, something Errigal! Since 2019 when the original Errigal concept was brought alive we have made a mighty effort involving blood sweat and beers. Now we wish for nothing more than to share our unique Errigal products - What can we say - Errigal is in our blood, it's always in the background and we wouldn't want it any other way.

As for our drinks - your drinks, well that story is just beginning. The list is ever-expanding along with our imagination. The best we can say is to please please keep an eye out for new flavours, new drinks and new products. Our mix masters are constantly refining our products. Honestly, we think we have something for everyone, and if not - check back tomorrow. We offer tours to tasting and t-shirts to gift sets, and if you don't see what you want - ask! you might be surprised at the answer. Now join us in a tipple, bottled with our beloved & iconic mountain. As we say here in the Donegal Gaeltacht "Tá an Craic sna Cnoic" and next time you are enjoying an Errigal tipple, remember to look at your friends & family and toast "Slainte".

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